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Cenifax Courts was created to deliver forward-thinking solutions to courts, clerks, and attorneys with the CourtFileNow™ eFiling System.

This comprehensive eFiling system makes filing new cases and new filings on existing cases fast and easy. With over 30 years of county and municipal government experience behind it, Cenifax Courts has focused on a quality-of-service strategy that assists users in making the transition from paper files to a virtually paperless court case filing system.

The CourtFileNow Implementation Strategy starts with a dedicated Project Manager who guides the process from start to finish.

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Our Project Manager will start the Discovery process to uncover the specific needs and challenges of your county. Our objective is to customize CourtFileNow to fit the way you do business. That is why so much care is taken in Discovery to understand your process and work flow court by court.

The Discovery process assists in the generation of a project plan and a contract for implementation. Following contract approval, the CourtFileNow team creates a blueprint for how your system currently works and who has what responsibility, thus providing the information needed to customize the system.

There are five concurrent processes that begin after the initial Discovery process:

  • The Application Implementation Plan
  • The Infrastructure Plan
  • Local Rules Document Assistance
  • The Training Plan
  • The Post Implementation and Support Plan

The Application Implementation Plan determines document flow, work flow, and process flow, and the people responsible for each action. The Infrastructure Plan helps to determine storage, hardware, software, and network needs. This is simplified and facilitated by the use of Cloud technology. CourtFileNow provides assistance with the development of local rules on eFiling, supported by the expertise of a retired Superior Court Judge who serves as our consultant. The Training Plan creates a customized training approach by a professional training staff for all users of the system. We make sure that all users understand the paperless workflow and processes. The Post Implementation and Support Plan defines ongoing support. This may include weekly or biweekly calls, system enhancement updates, customer support help desk, and more.

CourtFileNow creates an environment for an optimal implementation of the eFiling system. We make sure there are no surprises. We keep all the stakeholders informed. We engage all of the users at all levels to hear their feedback and act on it. We take the necessary steps to do detailed testing before going live with the eFiling system.

In short, CourtFileNow covers all the bases.



What People Are Saying

"Cenifax Courts, Inc. continues to support the development and use of CourtFileNow. Continual outreach to attorneys and other users has resulted in a system well adapted to the needs of its users. Functions for workload management, communication, and case organization have been implemented as a direct result of user input. An electronic Record of Judgments and Orders completed the process of making the system entirely paperless for e-filed cases."

Hon. Jeffery J. Dywan

Judge of the Superior Court, Lake County Indiana, retired

Every minute counts! The CourtFileNow eFiling system saves time and money while enhancing accuracy, performance, and communication between parties on a case. Get the CourtFileNow Advantage backed by over thirty years of experience in serving county government.

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